Monday, March 24, 2014


Today is Monday, March 24, and we are excited to tell you guys about our first experience here at Growing Power since we weren't able to do so yesterday.

When we first arrived at Growing Power, we began with a tour and a brief introduction to the work the farmers did. It was interesting in seeing how they used their space - although the location of Growing Power was limited, it seemed really spacious when working. I would definitely say that the most memorable moment of the day was seeing WahWah catch chickens with her bare hands without fear of their scary beaks...

Nonetheless, I was proud of our group's accomplishments today. Not only were we able to help with small tasks like watering plants, we were also able to try new things such as feeding chickens and goats!

Stay tuned for more of our exciting adventures here in the Badger state

Marco Ocampo

FYI: My spirit animal is a swan...

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