Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello everyone, today has been an awesome. But first we let me back up and talk about our lat couple days in Wisconsin. Yesterday we were able to explore the cities and check out some cool spots.
(Yolanda, Rin, Nancy, Nick, Megan, Wah Wah, Marco, Eddie and Jenni kneeling down)
Sunday we were able to go to the Milwaukee Public Market close to downtown. It was a market filled of small stands that raged from wine shops, bakeries and even a fish market. I had the best piece of bread called harvest bread, which I got at a coffee stand.
(At the Bronze Fonz)
After we stopped downtown to take a picture next to the bronze Fonz, a staple of Milwaukee. The river was still a little bit frozen but surprisingly enough Milwaukee has nearly no snow on the ground. 
(Rin and I)
So far all the meals have been great us students have turned out to be quite the chefs because as you can see we clean out the dishes and we don't even mind cleaning the dishes.
But back to growing power, we had an extended tour of the facilities of Growing Power in Silver Spring Drive. We were able to learn and see up close how the food revolution in happening in big urban areas like Milwaukee. At Growing Power they use several green houses in a relative small area. They are able to maximize their space by growing up, they use shelves and place seedling trays on them to grow several plants.
Growing power also grows a variety of of vegetation and we witnessed the process of fertilization of the soil be worm castings (worm poop) and compost. This creates a rich soil in which the vegetation can thrive, this was such a cool experience and we were all amazed of the process that starts it all.

While at Growing Power many of us also learned about aquaponics system. This system is a very sustainable system that runs in a cycle of water. In the tanks hundred of gallons of water house many fish, a pump then goes to water the plants on the next level and the plan filter the water and it is returned to the fish. Aquaponics is super cool and we were all amazed by the big non-polluted fish they house.

This entire day has been amazing and we are exited what other cool stuff we get to experience next. But say bye to the goat!


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  1. Growing Power is an AMAZING place - both Growing Power and especially Will Allen are some of the real GEMS of our city!